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Ditch your Dumb Diary

Could you reschedule all your bookings for tomorrow in just 10 minutes?

You can with Pencil Me In, the smart digital diary.

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Your 14:30 just cancelled, they lost track of time
Pencil Me In can automate reminders and reduce no shows by as much as 50%.
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Easy to use and set up - GUARANTEED
Your business booking system so easy to use we’ll have you up and running in 15 minutes or your 1st month free!
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Having control of your diary in these uncertain times
A digital diary gives you total control of who sees what. Private time stays private with Pencil Me In.
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Your customers needs are changing
In your hand is exactly how your customers want to be able to book time with you.
Meet them where they are.

Give them what they want but keep CONTROL.
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Customer overlap in Covid times?
Our smart digital diary that keeps your customers on time with automated reminders and updates.

Manage them fluidly
with Pencil Me In.
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What makes our diary SMART?

Click on the tiles below to find out


Enter customers' details everytime

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With our Smart Diary you won't need to!

Once a customer's details have been captured, they are there for you to use every time.


Double Bookings

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With our Smart Diary you won't have them!

Your availability is preset so there is no chance of double bookings.


Manual or NO Reminders

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With our Smart Diary its automated!

Customers are sent multiple appointment notifications and reminders either via email or sms.


Too many diaries

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With our Smart Diary it's all in one place.

Manage multiple locations and providers from a single place, wherever you are!


Your diary isn't with you ALWAYS

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With our Smart Diary it's in your pocket!

Adjust your availability, any time, any place.
Easily block off tomorrow wherever you are.


Makes it difficult for your customers

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Our Smart Diary is what your customers want!

They see what you want them to see.
Bookings made easy.


Wastes time, every time capturing data

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With our Smart Diary that stops!

Appointment details and durations are pre-set.
One click and the details are filled in for you.


Finding a time is like table tennis

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With our Smart Digital Diary you serve an ace!

Bookings should be SIMPLE.
Stop the ping pong with our Smart Diary.

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Customers' reviews

"Over 2 years on PENCIL ME IN and we’ll never go back to that old, frustrating paper diary."

PENCIL ME IN reduced my ‘did not arrive’ numbers from 1 a day to about 1 a month!
That changed my practice!“

Before PENCIL ME IN, patients were missing or forgetting about their appointments and chasing them was a huge waste of resources, time and money.

Richard Marsh
This online diary has changed the way we see technology! This online diary is incredibly easy to use and the support staff are readily available to support technophobes like me!

The pricing is brilliant at only R99 per user and with so much functionality it has saved the practice a fortune, as it has minimised our no shows!

My practice admin can run 5 individual diaries with easy and still manage to run my practice. I would highly recommend this product to everyone, it really has changed the way we all practice.
Thank you Pencil Me In.
Dr Marie Rosenberg
Wellness Centre Owner & Chiropractor
Pencil Me In has been great, it is easy to use, client’s get their reminders & we can log onto our diaries anytime, anywhere!

Clients details are at our finger tips ALWAYS which means our service to our clients has stepped up a level, they can contact any of us and we can book them there and then.

The service from Pencil Me In has been great, they are a WhatsApp away & the system has been super reliable!

If you are still using a dumb diary, you are creating a lot more work for yourself, once we book someone in Pencil Me In, the system handles the rest for us!
Lara & Delia Abrahamson
La Boutique Eyewear

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YOU have total control!

Streamline your bookings: Whether it is internally taking control of your diary
Allowing customers to see available appointments
Allowing them to book appointment themselves. You control what they see!

Automated SMS and Email reminders

The system does the hard work, it reminds your customers multiple times.


Use your PC, tablet or smartphone to access
the system.

flexible to help your business no matter the industry or size

We can accommodate different practitioners offering different services at different times
for different durations.


Wherever and whenever you need your schedule, it is always on and always available. You can change it whenever you need to.

Pencil Me In

R 99
per provider, per month
  • NO contracts
  • NO obligation
  • Simply month-to-month
  • Includes email reminders​

  • Additional cost for SMS reminders
    R0.45c per SMS

Got a question? Why not WhatsApp us straightaway?

Designed for service providers by service providers


We ensure that we use the best technology to secure and protect your information that is stored in the system.

Your information is backed up so there is no risk of you losing any information.

Yes, you are not committed to more than a month at a time, with a 1 month notice period.

We never like to lose a customer and will do everything in our power to keep you however ff you would like to cancel then the Pencil Me In team will assist you by extracting your data so that you don’t lose any information.

We will always be there to help you.

No, your customers will only be able to see their own bookings.

Customers will not be able to see other bookings or any other information.

Only if you want them to!

Our policies allow you to use our diary internally to streamline bookings within your practice.

You decide, if or how your patients use it:


ONE: Customers don’t know about it.

TWO: Customers can see available appointments but they must contact you to book.

THREE: Customers can see and book the available appointments themselves.

They will ONLY ever see the AVAILABLE TIMES and THEIR bookings.

No you don’t need a website or a domain – but it will work if you have these. You will have your own unique Pencil Me In website address to use on your website, facebook page or anywhere else, ONLY if you want to!

We guide & assist you through the entire process of getting all your existing information into your Pencil Me In Smart Digital Diary.

No you don’t, you can access the system on PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

It takes us less than 15 minutes to get you up and running.

Yes! Pencil Me In allows you to have your diary in your pocket, so if LIFE happens you can easily update when you are and aren’t available.

Because it is cloud based, your practice is updated with this information instantaneously.

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Phone: +27 79 564 6233